Our Focus

The A.A. Van Elslander Foundation’s mission is guided by the values and intent of its founder, whose commitment to giving back to the people of Michigan was a cornerstone of his life’s values.



The A.A. Van Elslander Foundation provides support within its home community of the state of Michigan, in three grant areas: Children, health and human services. Special focus areas within our mission include addiction, cognitive & developmental disabilities, and eyesight.

Supporting education and treatment of people suffering with substance addiction.

Cognitive & Developmental Disabilities
Improving the lives of children and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Helping those with impaired eyesight, and supporting medical research efforts seeking advancement in this area.

Values & Intent

  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity, and acting with kindness.
  • Conducting ourselves with integrity.
  • Favoring organizations which are entrepreneurial-minded and seek to be self-sustainable.
  • Encouraging personal responsibility.
Camp Casey child riding on a horse
Girl with prosthetic hand tying her shoe

They say charity begins at home, and I am so proud to call Michigan my home.”