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Before you inquire for a grant, please review the information below to assess your program’s eligibility and fit.

  • Grants must be for charitable purposes and serve a public benefit through a charity recognized as taxexempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service, and may not be a private foundation.
  • While we recognize their importance in our communities, our foundation does not award grants to the following:
    • Capital projects, unless initiated by the Foundation.
    • Fundraising events or conferences.
    • Individuals.
    • K-12 schools, secondary schools or universities.
    • Lobbying activities or political campaigns.
    • Religious purposes.  We recognize the role faith-based organizations play in addressing human service needs in our local communities and may consider such grants if initiated by the Foundation.
    • Units of government or veterans organizations.
  • A qualifying organization must, in policy and in practice, not discriminate based on age, creed, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Our grant inquiry period has closed. We will be accepting inquiries again in September 2023; please check back at that time.

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